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5:00 pm KickStarter Launch Party! @ Santa Cruz Food Lounge
KickStarter Launch Party! @ Santa Cruz Food Lounge
Jun 17 @ 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Join us to Celebrate the Official Launch of our KickStarter Campaign! Click HERE to learn more about our KickStarter and check out our Amazing Perks! *live music *games, prizes and our new CC t-shirts *local Continue Reading

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Beet Kvass helps me digest meals more easily and gives me increased energy!


About Us

Creative Cultures’ unique formulas were created by Kelly Dearie, a mother, teacher, and natural chef who helped heal her husband from two serious diseases deemed incurable by Stanford doctors. Through Creative Cultures, Kelly’s healing drinks are now sold throughout the bay area, soon to be distributed nationwide. Creative Cultures supports local, organic farms and is committed to sustainable practices like composting, and eco-friendly packaging.

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