My husband’s healing story and the birth of Creative Cultures

Charlie Dearie’s Testimonial of Health

The story below is a powerful testimonial of how each of us has the power to heal our selves and prevent disease.  This story is the reason that Creative Cultures exists!

This is the story of how I chose a true path of healing and how I was guided away from destructive habits and the harmful recommendations of the medical industry. This is a story of how my wife, Kelly Dearie teamed up with my friend and nutritionist Craig Lane on a radical endeavor to save my life. This is a story about my body becoming useless at the age of 31 and how Craig and Kelly empowered me to take my healing into my own hands, and open my eyes to the simple truth that has set me free.

For several years I had hip pain, sometimes so severe that walking was painful and I was diagnosed with bursitis. At one point, I was in so much pain that I could no longer perform my job, so I had an MRI. It turned out that my hips were nearing the final stages of collapse due to high doses of Prednisone that I took during an onset of a rare, life-threatening disease called ITP that I battled a few years ago. During my ITP episode, the doctors somehow forgot to mention that high doses of this drug leads to an average of 20,000 hip replacements a year.

Basically, my hips were deteriorating due to blood loss to the femur head and I could barely walk. The first specialist that I saw said there was nothing I could do, except hip replacement surgery which only lasts 15-20 years. The second opinion from Stanford was the same depressing news, and to make things worse, I noticed many bruises on my body during my exam. I said to myself “Not again… please God, not again”. And sure enough I inherited a third episode of ITP. Western doctors’ first line of treatment for ITP is large doses of Prednisone, and since this was no longer an option for me, the hematologist said he would have to remove my spleen.

I didn’t want to let doctors decide how to “cure” me anymore so I went to see Craig Lane, a healer and nutritionist.  The level of genuine care, time and energy that Craig had put into thinking and researching my condition, was truly uplifting, and so different from the usual impersonalized rush treatment in clinics and hospitals.  He proceeded to tell me more about my condition, it’s causes, and cures… so much more clear, well researched information than the doctors had ever given me.  He reassured me that with the proper nutrition, the human body will regenerate bone, and that the root cause of autoimmune diseases are usually due to an imbalance in the gut.   He empowered me with a detailed, personalized diet plan, outlining every single thing I should and should not eat, as well as special exercises for my hips. I took supplements from Standard Process, ate bone broth, drank Beet Kvass, and ate Sauer kraut with every meal.

A couple of days later, I cancelled my surgery appointment, and worked out a deal with my family practitioner who allowed me to get blood tests on demand. A couple days later I received a frightening letter from the blood specialist that basically said if I don’t get my spleen taken I will probably die, signed “Regretfully”, and the doctors name.

I stayed strong, and followed Craig’s recommendations. Kelly helped with the food preparations- meals that heal. I radically changed my diet.  I took rounds of Standard Process supplements, had fermented foods with each meal and I drank beet kvass throughout the day.  The next week, my blood platelet count shot up to normal and my ITP was cured. The pain in my hips decreased steadily as my body began to repair itself as a result of my new cleansing, and nutrient-rich diet plan. I am now healthy and enjoy a wonderful life, free from pins, scars, drugs, and outstanding hospital bills. It’s hard to believe that it only took two visits to Craig’s office, to turn the gloom and depression into personal healing and empowerment. I can work pain-free, hike, mountain bike, and play with my child. I hope that my story inspires others to break free of “regretful” practices and to choose the path of healing and vitality.




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Hi! I'm a mother, teacher, and natural chef, and founder of Creative Cultures, a probiotic & detox beverage company that I was inspired to start after I helped heal my husband from two serious diseases deemed incurable by medical doctors. The community of microbes in our gut are so vital to our health and happiness that I've made it my mission to foster a diverse and healthy community within our own bodies, into each and every body!

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  1. Vicki says:

    Kelly and Charlie,
    This is one of the most fascinating stories I’ve read! I happened across your website through the Santa Cruz Local Foods website on a totally random search for an entirely different purpose than to find healing for an ailment, but am SO glad to have read about you and your products. Debilitating bone and other issues runs in my family. My mother suffers terribly with arthritis, peripheral neuropathy, bone degeneration, and a number of other issues, and now I’m wondering if your products might help her … and ultimately me too, since these things are a strong pattern with other family members as well! I had no idea that bone can be regenerated this way. I’m now wondering if my mother might benefit from this… even though she’s in her 70’s?

    So, I thought I’d write you a note to say thank you for sharing your story, and to let you know I’m going to talk to my family members about this!
    Thank you, Vicki

  2. Salman says:

    I hit upon your message web page as a result of entering itp and fermented foods in google. Why did I enter these search words. Because I suffer from ITP and CLL (Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia). I have tried so many changed to my diet, only to be disappointed later with unsustainable blood results. Just very, very recently I started to include fermented foods in my diet such as sauerkraut, kefir and yogurt along with prebiotics: garlic, onions and leeks. It is encouraging for me to read your story. It gives me hope. Sometimes, you feel you are climbing, not a hill, but a mountain and every time you feel you are making gains, you slide down further into discouragement, pity and almost helplessness. I feel the new diet is having a positive effect and look forward to my next blood work test in less than two weeks. I have left my email, feel free to contact me and share what I can do to improve my journey. Thank you.

    • Kelly Dearie says:

      Hello Salman, I am happy to hear that you have begun to incorporate fermented foods and drinks into your diet. I have met other people who have had similar autoimmune conditions who swear by the Beet Kvass and Green Dream, both are considered blood tonics and recommended by Craig Lane, Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride, Dr. Thomas Cowen, and many others. I would learn how to make your own Beet Kvass and drink it throughout the day. Use extra beets and when it is done fermenting, put it in the fridge for a couple more weeks with the beets inside the jar.. This will allow it to become extra thick and rich. Please let us know how your progress is going. Happy Fermenting! Kelly

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