Three Things you Might Have Missed at The Wise Traditions Conference!

The Weston A. Price Foundation annual conference was this past weekend. It was a great weekend filled with delicious food, fabulous friends, and informative talks. I left there feeling invigorated, informed, and ready to enjoy another year of health and real food! Here are some important facts you may have missed!

  1) Real Food Kitchens in Corporate Offices: Gaining Health from work vs losing it!

Scott Bevins from spoke about transforming a corporate kitchen into    a real food kitchen in order for their employees to be able to gain health while  being at work, instead of losing it to stress and overly processed cafeteria fare. He made this idea sound quite do able on a larger scale, which would be a huge shift in the food consciousness of the Unites States. What if work could be a place where real health was gained and rewarded?

 If you have an office kitchen that you would like to transition to a real food based operation, email me or write in the comments below. Imagine having Beet Kvass on tap in your office kitchen!

2) Gut-Brain-Skin health all connected?

Chris Kresser gave a talk about the Gut-Brain-Skin Axis and how all of those systems affect one another. He stated that “we are more of an eco-system than individuals”, referring to the bacteria and different systems that facilitate our whole bodies in working as they should. The balance of the ecosystem must stay intact and this can be accomplished through diet, exercise, stress reduction, homeopathy, and various other means. If you have questions about this idea, feel free to contact me for a more thorough explanation!

Giving your body the correct probiotics from a Beet Kvass, fermented vegetables, and fermented dairy can be a great aid in skin, gut and brain health!  

3) Avoiding depression, addictions, and anxiety with proper diet and amino acids

Julia Ross, author of Diet Cure, created a program of restocking neurotransmitters in the brain to allow for true happiness and health without turning to sugar, excess carbs, and other addictions.  The basis of her program is a good diet including protein at each mean and an emphasis on traditional foods that are made of real ingredients, not chemicals! She spoke about choosing foods that are close aligned to what people would have eaten before the 1970’s that have a balance of protein, carbs, and are liberal with good fats. She also outlines ways to use amino acid therapy as a way to rebuild serotonin and the other neurotransmitters. Her book is a fascinating read!

Gut health has a major correlation to brain health, so nourishing your body with wholesome real foods and creating the proper intestinal flora are very important in warding off depression and anxiety!

If you are wondering how to create a real food diet, or what a real food diet looks like, please comment here or email me at



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Hi! I'm a mother, teacher, and natural chef, and founder of Creative Cultures, a probiotic & detox beverage company that I was inspired to start after I helped heal my husband from two serious diseases deemed incurable by medical doctors. The community of microbes in our gut are so vital to our health and happiness that I've made it my mission to foster a diverse and healthy community within our own bodies, into each and every body!

2 Comments to “Three Things you Might Have Missed at The Wise Traditions Conference!”

  1. Hi Kelly,
    I took your great workshop the other day on probiotic drinks. I am going to try to get some of the caucassus kefir grains to use in raw milk. I have been making water kefir, but a couple things I was doing wrong have made my grains weak. Will try to revive over the next few days. I really wish I could take your next class (probiotic foods), but will be out of town. I have candida chronically, so hopefully the caucassus grains will help.
    I looked for recipes on your website, but couldn’t find any. I left a few things out of my notes when you were going fast in the workshop, so wanted to check the recipes/directions. Do you have recipes/directions on your website somewhere?

    • Kelly Dearie says:

      Hi Cat,

      If you scroll down on the blogs page on this website you will see two recipes… one for Beet Kvass and one for Backyard tonics. This is all that I have up for now but there will soon be more to come! I am glad you enjoyed the workshop. I really look forward to seeing you at the Make n’ Take in a couple of weeks.


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