Use Pollen Up to energize without caffeine!

Remember our old Pollen Up label? This bee is happy that Creative Cultures is here to help support his hive by sourcing from a network of sustainable bee keepers that keep healthy hives multiplying!

Bee Pollen is a longevity super food that has been used for centuries for brain and energy support.  Local honey and pollen also helps build resistance to seasonal allergies.  The bee in this photo is happy because he knows that Creative Cultures uses honey from sustainably farmed apiaries, like Amen Bee Products and Morganic Hilltop.  These beekeepers take care of their bees, always making sure there is enough pollen and honey left over to sustain their bee populations.

Check out this testimonial from one of our favorite customers:

I am a huge fan of Creative Cultures, and their innovative products. I swear by Pollen Up, and drink it to reduce seasonal allergies, as well as a replacement for coffee in order to get an energy boost. Green Alkemy is my go-to drink if I am feeling depleted and need to to rehydrate and detoxify. In my house we fight over who gets the last Creative Cultures drink! In a world dominated by sugary drinks, Creative Cultures stands out for their purity and magical concoctions that truly benefit individuals.  -Matthew


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Hi! I'm a mother, teacher, and natural chef, and founder of Creative Cultures, a probiotic & detox beverage company that I was inspired to start after I helped heal my husband from two serious diseases deemed incurable by medical doctors. The community of microbes in our gut are so vital to our health and happiness that I've made it my mission to foster a diverse and healthy community within our own bodies, into each and every body!

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  1. I just discovered Creative Cultures Tangerine Pollen Up; this drink is AWESOME! Love it!

    • Kelly Dearie says:

      Glad you love it! It’s our newest flavor and everyone’s favorite. We aren’t selling it in stores yet, but you can always pick it up in bulk if you make an appointment.


  2. sina says:


    Use Pollen Up to energize without caffeine! | Creative Cultures good articles

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